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Austin Burbridge

The vignetting is a nice idea, but I think that the real vignetting in Stairs in the Garden -- the natural falloff of light from the lens design -- looks better than this steep falloff. What this reminds me of is the falloff of focus as well as steep falloff of light in old lenses. Maybe the thing to do would be to vignette the focus too, plus maybe some chromatic aberration, for the full effect.

Steve Landon-Smyth

Thanks for the feedback Austin. The type of vignette you refer to with the fall off of focus and artificial chromatic aberrations I use quite effectively on some of my photographs taken with my iPhone. Since the iPhone 3G is only capable of a 2MP image, and the lens in nothing to speak of, I use whatever effects I can to spice'm up. I’ll share some of those to my blog soon.

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